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Personal & Wrongful Injury, Disability and Negligence Claims Statewide in Maine

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One of the most important questions any client can put to a lawyer, but often does not, is: "Do I need a lawyer? "We will tell you without charge if we think that you do not need a lawyer, or if we think that some other law firm can do a better or less expensive job for you.

Do you need or want to hire a lawyer for a divorce? We will tell you, without charge, of options available to you whereby you may be able to handle it yourself or at a much lower cost.

Jim Dunleavy concentrates on personal injury and disability law for people who are hurt, and who may have substantial benefits coming from a negligent person's insurance company. There will be no legal fees unless you win!

Do you need or want to hire a lawyer for a workers' compensation claim for a job injury? We will tell you without charge of options available to you where you may be able to get free help with your claim.

Some people think they need to file for bankruptcy when much less expensive options are available to them. Other people think they need to hire a lawyer to do a will or other legal document when they do not need to go to this expense.

We will be upfront with you without charge and tell you if we think you may have a better option available to you at much lower cost, and often free of any legal fees.

If Jim Dunleavy cannot help you with your legal matter or problem he will tell you so. Call us at 1-888-277-0140 any time, day or night, 24/7, even on weekends, and we will return your call as promptly as we can if we are not immediately available to assist you. You may not even need a lawyer.
Areas of Concentration:
• Personal Injury
• Wrongful Injury or Death
• Workers' Compensation
• Medical Malpractice
• Legal Malpractice
• Negligence Claims
• Social Security Disability
• Insurance Claims
• Defective Product Suits
• Many Types of Complex Cases

Success Record

Our firm, and co-counsel we have worked with, have been winning cases and obtaining successful settlements for our clients for many years, and our reputation has grown and spread through word of mouth.
We have the experience and expertise to represent you in and out of court.Your call to us is free from anywhere in the United States involving any Maine legal matter, and we will tell you upfront if we think some other lawyer or firm can do a better job for you than we can.

Our firm holds to high ethics and principles, and always treats you with respect. That is why we begin with a free consultation to determine the viability of a case before investing your time and money. Many of our cases involve personal and wrongful injury, negligence claims, and Social Security disability.

Known as a People's Advocate

Throughout his legal career, Jim Dunleavy has practiced law to help other people. It started in 1968, when he served as the sole attorney in Presque Isle for Pine Tree Legal Assistance, primarily focusing on legal aid to the poor. When he went into private practice in 1970, he worked on many cases obtaining workers' compensation for employees injured on the job. In addition, he has handled civil rights cases in Federal Court.

After his election as Judge of Probate in 1976, he reduced his personal caseload, and focused on cases that did not conflict with his Probate duties. It is now his priority to see that injured people receive fair compensation for their injuries and obtain the justice they deserve.

Call us toll free at 1-888-277-0140 on any Maine legal matter.
Jim served in the Maine Legislature where he sponsored many bills which are now Maine Law helping disabled and injured people.
"Jim Dunleavy still has an active case-load of clients whose cases he personally handles, but if Jim refers a case to an associate attorney of his to serve a client or another lawyer colleague in whom he has confidence, Jim will often continue to assist that lawyer at no additional cost to a client."
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Small Law Firm Award for Helping People Afford Lawyers
Maine Bar Foundation in 1993, 1994, & 1995
Maine State 106th Legislator
Maine Bar Association, Maine Probate Judges Assembly, National College of Probate, Former President of the Maine Probate Judges Assembly
Licensed to Practice before the Supreme Court of the United States of America, Licensed to Practice before All Federal Courts & All Maine State Courts
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